.5 oz Clear Bottle

Due to supply chain issues, the ½ oz clear LDPE bottle, with our standard 18 mm neck size will no longer be available for purchase.

As always, we aim to keep our customers satisfied and provide a wide variety of precision products for every individual need.

For our customers who would still like to purchase ½ oz bottle products, we have two options available.


1) We offer the same exact ½ oz LDPE bottle, with our standard 18 mm neck size, but in an opaque black color.



2) Our Luer Lock Interchangeable Dispensers are similar precision products to our HYPO applicators, with a different technology. These are designed to simply twist the needle out of the cap to use various needle gauges on the same top. Some of our customers who use different needle sizes on one project may prefer this type of applicator. We offer the same exact needle gauges as our HYPO products. These bottles are clear with a smaller 15 mm neck size.