Size Guide

When deciding the needle size for your precision applicator needs, it is important to consider the viscosity of the liquid for your project.


The smallest needle gauge that we offer is the 27 gauge, or HYPO-16 items. These are available in standard 1 inch length, and are a gray colored hub. These needles are best for water thin solvents, fine oils, flux, and other very thin liquids.  These are perfect when the smallest drop of liquid is required. (OD .016" x ID .008")

The next needle gauge is the 25 gauge, HYPO-20 products.  The standard length are 1 inch with blue colored hubs.  These needles are best for thin solvents, oils, and watercolor art projects and are also sold in our "Oiler Boiler" Sets.  The 25 gauge needles are also available in 1.5 inch and 3 inch long options, for specific project needs.  (OD .020" x ID .010")

One of our best selling products is the 23 gauge, HYPO-25 needles.  The standard length are 1 inch with green colored hubs.  These HYPO products are best for medium-thin liquids such as Weld-on (cyanoacrylate acrylic cement), thin epoxy, and acrylic paint. These needles are available in 3 inch and a special 6 inch length for hard to reach places.   (OD .025" x ID .013")

The 20 gauge, HYPO-35 needles are a perfect mid-range size.  These needles are 1-1/4 inch long yellow colored hub.  We consider the 20 gauge a multi media fineline applicator.  These needles are best for medium thickness paints, glues, and oils. These come in an extra short 1/2 inch length and a special 3 inch long size.  (OD .035" x ID .023")

The next largest gauge is the 18 gauge, HYPO-49 needles.  These are standard 1 inch long pink colored hubs. This size are best for medium-thick liquids such as white craft glues, ceramic glaze, and acrylic paints.  The HYPO-490 is available in our "Oiler Boiler" Art bottle sets. These are also available in an extra short 1/2 inch needle, along with a 3 inch needle.   (OD .049" x ID .033")

Our 16 gauge,HYPO-65 needle is a popular item. The standard length needles are 3/4 inch long purple colored hubs. These needles are best for thicker liquids, such as grease, paint, cement, clay/pottery glaze slip, and glue epoxy adhesive.  These needles come in a 3 inch extra long needle size as well.  (OD .065" x ID .047")

The largest size we currently offer is the 14 gauge, HYPO-84 needles. These needles are 1-1/2 long dark green colored hub.  These needles are best for extra thick liquids, such as cements, thick glues, grease, and thick paints.  (OD .084" x .ID .069")


For customers who are still unsure which needle size will work best or would like to try multiple sizes, we recommend our Sampler Kit that includes one top of each needle size and a 2 oz bottle.