4 oz Natural Plastic Spray Bottle with Trigger Sprayer

$1.75 - $2.95
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 4 oz natural plastic spray bottle with a trigger sprayer, and high quality locking mechanism. These bottles are great for acrylic paint spray painting. There is no limit on the ways to use these spray bottles when painting. Add water to thin your paint for less intense detail, or keep the paint as is for intense, bright sprays.


Volume: 4 fl. oz.—½ c., ~120 ml.

Neck: 24-410.



Fill bottle with desired contents.

Wipe threads of bottle and spray top with clean cloth to ensure that they are dry and free from any liquid or dust.

Cut tube on spray top to about 1/16" above bottom of bottle. For best results, cut at a 45° angle.

Screw spray top securely onto bottle (clockwise)

If sprayer becomes stiff or hard to use, remove it and place the bottom of the tube in warm, soapy water. Pump the sprayer a few times until the warm soapy water begins to come through. Allow to sit for 5 minutes, and then spray again with the tube in warm, clear water to rinse out. Remove the tube from water and continue spraying until it is empty.

To unlock/lock the child-proof locking mechanism, press in the button located at the base of the sprayer.