Deciding which Bottle Size to Use

Deciding which Bottle Size to Use

Posted by Gaunt Industries on Jun 5th 2018

Gaunt Industries takes pride in offering a wide variety of options for our customers and their various precision projects.  We also understand that sometimes it can be confusing when deciding which size product will work best. Currently we offer five different high quality LDPE plastic bottle sizes.  The .5 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz bottles are Boston Round and the 1.25 oz is oval shape.  All of these sizes are available in clear translucent.  We also offer these options in opaque black, which is best for those who are using light sensitive liquids.  Gaunt Industries keeps all of these bottles in stock and ready for quick shipment.

The best way to select a bottle size is to determine how much liquid is needed for your application.  One thing to keep in mind is that the viscosity of the liquid you are using is more dependent on the needle gauge size you select. The bottle size is important in determining the quantity of liquid you will be using for your project.

The .5 oz bottle is great when you need just a few drops per application.  It is small, lightweight and therefore convenient for travel use. Fishermen keep this bottle in their tackle box for reel lubrication, as it is small enough to take on the go.

The 1.25 oz bottle is a popular bottle size, and works great with a wide variety of liquids- paints, glues, oils, glaze, flux, and more. This bottle has an oval shape, and is great for use in workshops or at home projects.  Jewelers, artists and hobbyists choose this easy to hold bottle.

The 2 oz bottle is the most popular bottle size, as it is also very versatile like the 1.25 oz bottle. The 2 oz bottle is considered 'soft squeeze', and great for those who are using it for long periods of time.  Plastic manufacturers, Quilters, Piano tuners, Artists and Crafters choose the 2 oz bottle for their precision needs.

The 4 and 8 oz bottles are great for industrial use, when a larger amount of liquid is required. These hold the most liquid of any of our bottles and are common for projects that use epoxy, cement, weld-on, glazes, and more.

Gaunt Industries also offers (2) size syringes.  These come in 10cc and 20cc sizes and are in stock for quick shipment.

If you are still unsure what bottle size is best for your project, we would be happy to make a recommendation via email or phone.