Happy New Year from Gaunt Industries

Happy New Year from Gaunt Industries

Posted by Gaunt Industries on Jan 4th 2019

The new year is a time for planning, setting goals, and looking forward to the future.  At Gaunt Industries we are excited to continue manufacturing and supplying the products our customers have trusted for their various projects for decades.  We are also looking forward to continuously adding new, high quality product lines to our website. 

In 2018, we introduced the Luer Lock Applicator line with interchangeable needles for those who want to effortlessly go from one gauge to another.  We also introduced our Spray Bottles, which are used for a wide variety of industries- and especially work great for artists who want to add detail to paintings.

This year we plan to continue expanding.  Our first new additions will be coming very shortly.  We will be adding six inch long needle applicators, our longest special needle size to date.  We will also be offering scabbards for multiple needle gauges- presented as an option when adding the applicators to the cart.  These are great for those who need a tighter seal on the needles when not in use. 

In 2019 we plan to continue to add new products to help our customers create. We encourage you to keep up with our blog for updates.