New Product Line- Luer Lock Applicators

New Product Line- Luer Lock Applicators

Posted by Gaunt Industries on Jun 13th 2018

Gaunt Industries is very excited to add a NEW product line to our constantly expanding web store.  The precision Luer Lock applicators are similar to our current HYPO needle bottle applicators, however all of our different size needles are interchangeable on one high quality luer lock cap.  These are perfect for projects that require more than one needle gauge size, or when using thicker liquids that might clog the needle over time.  Just purchase additional replacement needles without the need to buy the entire applicator bottle combination.  We offer the same range of needles as our current HYPO products, with plenty of gauges and lengths to choose from.

Whether you need a tiny drop of water thin liquid or a continuous line of thick epoxy, we want to be your source for precision applicators.  We currently stock 1 ounce, 2 ounce, 4 ounce, and 8 ounce Boston Round LDPE soft squeeze bottles.  The needles are also interchangeable with our 10cc and 20 cc syringes.  We'll continue to add containers and dispensing needles to meet our customers' creative vision requirements.

Come back to our web store often to see our product lines grow.

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