Product Feature- Flow Thru Paintbrush Applicators

Product Feature- Flow Thru Paintbrush Applicators

Posted by Gaunt Industries on Aug 8th 2018

The Gaunt Industries' "Flow Thru Paintbrush Applicator" is one of the newest product lines we offer.  Since many customers appreciate the precision of our HYPO needle bottle applicators for various projects, the Flow Thru applicators are a great option to paint directly from our bottles in one simple step.  

These high quality brush tips come in both Red Sable and Synthetic White.  The stainless steel flow-thru 16 gauge needle has a luer lock base, inserted into a nickel-plated ferrule.  We currently offer these applicators in 1,2, and 4 ounce LDPE soft squeeze bottles, and have plans to offer them in additional sizes. 

Our Flow Thru Applicator bottles are used by a growing group of Industries.  Originally, this product was designed for a company that manufactures a Silicone Based Separator for Orthodontics.  Shortly after making these available on our Web Store, we quickly found them to be a popular item.  Several Automotive companies including Tesla are current customers.  Vinyl wrap and automotive film are a popular use for these dispensers.

We'll continue to stock Precision products that help our customers place the exact amount of liquid on their projects.  Whether it's a drop, fine line, or now a brush stroke- Gaunt Industries continues to offer the best Applicators and Dispensers- worldwide.